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The Pirates of Somalia 2017 1080p BluRay x264-PSYCHD

Cover: The Pirates of Somalia
Movie Info: The Pirates of Somalia (2017) 6.8/10
After an inspiring chance encounter with his idol, rookie journalist Jay Bahadur uproots his life and moves to Somalia looking for the story of a lifetime. Hooking up with a local fixer, he attempts to get embedded with the local Somali pirates, only to quickly find himself in over his head.

Director: Bryan Buckley
Genre: Drama
Starring: Evan Peters, Al Pacino, Melanie Griffith
Category:Movies > HD
Size:9.84 GB (100%)
Files:59 files
Password: Unknown
Poster:[email protected] (CrazyFoxxy)
Posted:Feb 1, 2018 (20 Wks ago)
Added:Feb 16, 2018 (18 Wks ago)
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